2015’s 365

In 2015 I again managed to take at least one photo every day!

365 2015

All the photos are on Flickr and I’m quite happy with them. As with previous years there were a good number of days when I didn’t think about it until late in the day and the photo is almost a “throw away” as a result, just to keep the habit up.

I see no reason to stop the habit, so intend to take at least 366 photos this year too!

2015 in pictures

It’s that time of year again where we look back at what happened over the past 12 months. Obviously this is mostly an excuse for me to look at the photos I’ve taken over the year and share some of them as I’ve done previously.

I attended a lot of conferences this year, though one thing that was different this year was that I attended more than I spoke at. I also spoke at a lot of user groups which was lots of fun.


At the very end of January I went to FOSDEM and for the first time ever, I was accompanied by my wife who is currently studying for a degree in computing.

Sebastian talking about the state of PHPUnitJeremy & Sara with the PostgreSQL elephant


I spoke at the PHPUK conference in February and have some good memories from this event.

The PHPWomen standRowan & Gary


I stepping into the unknown in March and attended a WordCamp! It was a good experience and I got a new scarf!

Q&A with the core developersWapuu Scarf!


In April, my friend Alex visited from the Antipodes so I went up to Leeds to meet up with her and other friends. I discovered Fluxx the board game last year when at OSCON, and this was the time that I first played Fluxx the card game. I also visited Glasgow to speak at the PHP user group which was a bit of trek, so I took a couple of days off and photographed railways in the North of England while I was up that way.

Alex is introduced to FluxxPlacing the lamps on 76079


May is the month of birthdays in our household. We visited the Happy Potter studios in Leavesden to celebrate! I also visited Belgrade, Serbia to speak at SOLIDday.

The Knight BusThe organisers


Seeing friends was the highlights of June.

BeerVisiting friends


July was the inaugural PHP South Coast conference and the first time that 19FT has sponsored a conference. Very well organised first event and I’m looking forward to the 2016 edition.

Hallway trackThe organisers


August is all about holiday! While in Spain this year, I tried to take a good sunrise picture.

Fishing at sunriseSunrise


In one trip, I spoke at PHP Hampshire in Portsmouth and then attended the Lead Developer conference in London. Lead Developer was different type of conference and I’m going to be attending again this year.

HMS WarriorMeri Williams


October was the month of two fantastic conferences when I spoke at PHPNW in Manchester and attended OSCON Europe in Amsterdam! The hackathon at PHPNW particularly notable for joind.in as we received many pull requests! I also met my cousin’s new twin daughters which was another highlight of a very enjoyable month.

HackathonThe twins with Adam, Oliver & Dave


November is Fireworks Night in the UK which we celebrated with friends. I also went to Washington for the php[world] conference. It’s always good see boundaries between different PHP communities being broken down.

Watching the bonfireAnthony presents the closing keynote


The final month of the year found me in a pub with some of my oldest Internet friends: We’ve been playing MMOPRGs since 1999 and are suitably irreverent around each other! I also spoke at the first meeting of the PHPMiNDS user group in Nottingham and we released Slim Framework 3!

Palace won!New Slim T-shirt courtesy of @codeguy!

Looking back, I have had a really good 2015 and have some very fond memories; Let’s see what 2016 brings!

2014 in pictures

2014 is coming to an end, so as usual, let’s look back at the year as highlighted by the photos that I’ve taken. This year, I took at least one photo every day, so there’s been plenty for me to choose from!


As usual, there was flooding in Worcester, but clearly the biggest personal event of the month was breaking my elbow while skateboarding with my son at the end of the month. This clearly impacted my business for February and March as I could barely type for a good six or so weeks.

Still flooded Elbow in a cast


My wife and I celebrated her birthday in Barcelona and we discovered Licor 43!

Coffee on La Rambla A glass of Licor 43


A quiet month where my cast was removed. I also attended the PHPNE 14 conference in Newcastle.

Removing the cast Staff in their hoodies


In April, we went to the Insomnia Gaming Festival where the kids got to test out new games. We also sold our caravan.

At Insomnia 51 2003 Avondale Dart 556-6


May is a month of birthdays as both kids and myself celebrate.

New scooter Birthday boy playing on his new 3DS XL


The highlights of June were watching Great Britain play Belgium at basketball (and win!) and attending DPC.

Collins "We are screwed"


I was very pleased to speak at OSCON in Portland! It’s an amazing conference and I would very much like to go to the European edition in Amsterdam next year.

Portland Saturday Market Discussing Atom


In August, I went on holiday with my family and, at the end of the month, we celebrated my cousin’s marriage.

Playing in the pool Lucy & Dave


I attended and presented at the inaugural Endpoint conference where I learned much from Ben Longden. I also attended the Hackference conference day which was filled with interesting content.

Ben Erika Heidi


By October, I was heavily into conference season and presented at both PHPNW and ZendCon. Sandwiched between them, I also attended the All Your Base conference. This month, we also bought our own squat rack and cancelled our gym membership.

Khayrattee (aka 7PHP) Completed squat rack! Did you *really* write those tests?


I was privileged to be be invited to speak at PHP Argentina! An very well organised conference with a number of well known community people that I was delighted to meet and spend time with. How can you not love a conference where there are deck chairs in the hallway track? I also attended PHPEM’s unconference; It turns out that I have opinions on how to give a good talk too! This was a good event and I hope they hold it again next year.

Phil, preparing for his talk The final schedule


My eldest son finished building his remote control car kit this month. This was a great project and very enjoyable. At the close of the year, I bought a new camera, so I expect that I’ll be taking lots of photos next year too!

The Hornet It's not as big as an Elephpant!

I’m looking forward to 2015!

2013 in pictures

As 2013 finishes, I continue my tradition of showing off some photos that recap my year. Last year I discovered that I didn’t take many photos at all, so this year I’ve published at least one photo every day! A lot of them were rubbish, but a good number are shots that I’m very pleased with.


It rained in January. I liked this picture of Worcester racecourse:

Will it be a photo finish?!

January also saw me visiting Belgium for the PHPBenelux conference, where I took a very good picture of Chris Hartjes:

Unit test or else


February was a quiet month, with the highlight of visiting our friend in Swansea. There was also a history event in Worcester which the kids enjoyed:

Learning about the Bren light machine gun


We had snow in March which seemed a little late in the year. Also, Tornado came to Worcester, so I got a photo!

Tornado at Worcester


I started Nineteen Feet in April. This was the month when creating paper models of Minecraft items became a thing in our household:

Minecraft paper models


in May, I returned to the excellent php[tek] conference where we celebrated Liam’s birthday:

Happy Birthday Liam


By June I realised that I really need a desk as I was now working full time at home!

New desk


The highlight of this month was a trip to the National Railway Museum in York to take photos of some A4s:

Mallard & Dominion of Canada


In August, we go on holiday and this year we went to Devon. It was surprisingly warm who was nice. The highlight was a trip to the aquarium, but I also got to go on a train!

Looking out of the window


September was the start of a busy traveling time for me. In September, I went to pfCongres followed by a trip to Colombia to consult for a client. I particularly liked Michelle’s talk on open source:

Michelle taking about how to join an open source project


In October, I spoke at the fantastic PHPNW conference. During the hackathon the new version of joind.in’s Android app was released by Rich. The talks were really good as usual and I was not the only one who paid attention in Ross’ talk on models:

Paying attention at PHPNW13


I went to two conferences in Novemeber: CodeConnexx and ZendCon Europe where I got my hands on a Red Elephpant!

Red elephpant


I visited Colombia for a followup visit with my client which was great fun. The team introduced me to Aguardiente:


My company also did well enough to allow me to purchase a new retina MacBook Pro and monitor which arrived in the last few days to round off a very good year!

New computer!

2012 in pictures

As another year draws to a close, I continue my tradition of showing off some photos that recap our year.


January 2012 was a quiet month. I released Daily Jotter 1.3 and started using Sublime Text as my editor of choice for programming. Photographically, the highlight of the month was the Worcester Flickr Group’s scavenger hunt.



It snowed in Feburary and I started publishing articles on ZF2. Again, a Worcester Flickr Group outing to the Panorama Tower, Croome D’abitot in Worcestershire provided the only interesting photographs that I took all month.

Panoramic Tower


I was very much into Instagram and didn’t take any photos with my DSLR this month!



In April, I went to the inaugural Whisky Web conference as an attendee, which was fun, especially as Josh used one of my photos in his keynote.Josh Holmes


Both sons have their birthdays in May and a big family get together were the highlights of my May.



Nick and Kerry were married this month.

Nick & Kerry's wedding


A quiet month. I visited the PHPNW user group to see Jenni’s first talk.

Jenny presenting at #phpnw


In August we went to the Isle of Wight on holiday and I managed to visit the steam railway.

Old and newer


Eldest’s first day at high school!

First day at high school


October saw me speak at both the PHPNW and ZendCon conferences. I gave a tutorial with Evan Coury at both events which seem to be appreciated by the attendees.

The bar was popular in the evening

Whilst in California, I managed to take a photo of the Golden Gate bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge


After the busyness of October’s travel, I had a quiet month in Worcester. I also got some Toyella business cards!

I have @toyella cards!


Last month of the year and the last month that my company’s offices were in Birmingham as we moved to Worcester for the start for 2013. There was also a lot of rain!


All in all, another pretty good year. Next year, I intend to take more photos with my DSLR though.

2011 in pictures

As I did last year, I thought I’d continue my tradition of showing off some photos that recap our year.


PHPBNL 2011 happened in January. Also, my Mac OS X application, Daily Jotter was released onto the Mac App Store.

My app is on the Mac App Store!


The first PHPucEU happened in Manchester which was great fun and, of course, the PHPUK conference in London. The biggest news for us though, was that we moved house in February!

We have keys to the new house!


I went to Canada for the rather excellent Confoo conference and watched a snowball fight!

Snowball fight!


A relaxed month after 3 months of conferences and a house move. There was a Royal wedding in the UK which resulted in a lot of merchandising!



May was the busiest month ever. Both sons have their birthdays in May and DPC in Amsterdam and php|tek in Chicago are back to back conferences! So many good photographs this month, but I have gone with this one of Jeremy Kendall as he took many excellent photographs at tek!

Here's looking at you!


Our trip to the zoo this year was in June when we went to Twycross Zoo.



We went to the beach in July.

On the beach


In August we went to the Fleet Air Arm Museum.

Fleet Air Arm Museum


Jon achieved his Grade 1 classical guitar certification this month.

Grade 1 guitar certificate

We also went to a friend’s wedding.



October saw the very excellent PHPNW conference return for its forth year and I was very glad to be asked to do a ZF2 tutorial which seemed to go well.

Rick and Jeremy


November was the month that John Arnold held his creativityex project. I particularly liked my effort for negative space:



Last month of the year and as part of the Worcester Flickr group, I got to take a photograph in a studio!


All in all, a pretty good year. One interesting thing I did notice was that I have a lot more good photos sitting in Aperture than I published. I think this is because Aperture is so slow to use on my old Macbook Pro. I was better at publishing photos with Capture NX2 and I thought that was slow; Clearly it wasn’t that bad!

2010 in pictures

Another year is over, so I get to show off some photos that recap the year!


We started the year with a visit to the zoo!


There was also snowy weather last January and on the last day of the month, we put our house on the market. We would be accepting an offer on it in late October.

For sale


In February, I took pictures of canal boats.

The PHPUK conference was also in February, where I presented a session about Windows Azure and PHP.

Presenting on PHP & Azure


I took my best picture yet of Worcester cathedral.

Worcester Cathedral


April was all about my wife! She had her first tatoo done.

Tiger tattoo

and spent some time in hospital having her appendix removed

Flowers and cards


The big event in May was php|tek. I struggled to find a single picture that captured the conference for me, but went for this one.

php|tek 2010 conference


June saw another conference: DPC in Amsterdam.

Cal presentating

This photo of Chris Shiflett was also popular:

I cannot even begin to think of a caption


Photographically, the main source of all my photos was my aunt and uncle’s 40th wedding anniversary, of which I haven’t published any of the photos :)



I took the kids to the Severn Valley Railway in August, but the main event was our friends’ wedding!

Bride and groom


September saw the inaugural PHPSW meeting in Bristol.

The audience!

I also tried to take a photo of a glass of red wine with a white background. This proved to be much harder than I expected

A glass of red wine


The Severn Valley Railway’s autumn gala was held in October

City of Truro approaches Highley

October also saw the fantastic PHPNW conference come back to Manchester.

Rowan uses an example we can understand!


I tried my hand at photographing fireworks



The snow really fell in December. So much so that we had to abandon a trip to London having travelled 13 miles in 6 hours.

It's a bit snowy...

Mitchell & Rachel's wedding

Mitchel and Rachel married yesterday and we were invited! Jon and Ben were pageboys with Jon also acting as ring bearer and got to carry the rings in and give them to the best man. The kids looked so cute in their suits!

Bride and groom

Rachel looked stunning in her dress. They both gave a speech at dinner; Rachel’s was very emotional and I’m not sure that there was a dry eye in the house by the end of it. It was an excellent day and we wish Mitchell and Rachel the best in their new life together.

Gang signs

Dead washing machine

Our AEG washer-dryer died last night. Rather spectacularly it blew all the fuses whilst I was on a conference call to America…

Today we’re buying a new LG. We went to the local retail parks to view washer-dryers at Currys, Comet and Apollo 2000, but they were so much more expensive than buying from dixons.co.uk. Hence, we came back home and bought over the Internet. I can see that over time, retail shops will become less and less relevant.